CLOSED May 3, 2012 : “Innocent Flesh”

INNOCENT FLESH is a haunting one-act play written by KENYETTA LETHRIDGE about teen prostitution and human trafficking in America presented by MZL LLC in association with Diana C. Zollicoffer, Michael Mann and Kenyetta Lethridge. INNOCENT FLEAH made its Off-Broadway premiere at Actors Temple Theatre on March 15, 2012 and CLOSED May 3, 2012.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Innocent Flesh is a stage play that follows the lives of four teenage girls as they experience and expose the hardship and realities of the sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children in America. Innocent Flesh is written in a multi-layered style that uses poetry, dance, and a modern take on the classic Greek Chorus to express the many struggles and obstacles that young girls face. Lethridge unveils the secrets of how girls from all walks of life can find themselves on the streets, their bodies being sold to men.”

“It is vital that we take notice and not turn our backs on what is ugly.”



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