Closed March 9, 2014 : “It’s Just Sex”

It's Just Sex

It’s Just Sex depicts the lives of three typical couples, each experiencing the trials and tribulations of married life, during one fateful evening. With the kids away at camp, they gather for a routine cocktail party. But as the liquor flows, secrets, truths and resentments are revealed culminating in a surprising and wildly hilarious ‘partner swap’. After which, all involved are forced to deal with the resulting effects on their lives and marriages, and views of honesty, monogamy and relationship. This provocative and side-splitting original comedy has been the most successful play in the histories of each theater where it has played.


“Convulsively funny. A true crowd pleaser.” – Variety

“A comic home run. Unapologetically commercial.

Its thoughtful naughtiness rocks the house.” – Los Angeles Times

“Go! Provocative and surprisingly enlightening. Sharp, funny and concise.”
– LA Weekly


One thought on “Closed March 9, 2014 : “It’s Just Sex”

  1. This show was well acted, funny, poignant and thought provoking. We all loved it. Go see it- it is definitely worth it.

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