CLOSED (11-16-14)”THE LOVE NOTE MUSICAL” Began September 10th, 2014

(CLOSED) THE LOVE NOTE MUSICAL begin previews Sept 10, 2014 at the Actors Temple Theatre

​Previews – ​Wednesday – September 10 / Opening – Sunday September 14  – 10AM

Performance Schedule – Wednesday – 11AM / Sunday- 10AM

Appropriate 6+  Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

FINAL PERFORMANCE- Sunday, November 16th, 2014

How far would we go to make friends at a new school? Even when those friends are ruthless bullies? In a world of outrageous tweens we watch Jessie and her trusty friend Airy try to answer that question. THE LOVE NOTE MUSICAL is a spirited journey that evokes the humor and hardships of modern adolescence, and the timeless survival techniques that we remember into adulthood. 

THE LOVE NOTE MUSICAL is the tale of young Jessie’s arrival at a new and outlandish school where there is a colorful and zany cast of characters.   The ruthless bullies rule the cafeteria, the unique Bookworms stick together behind their books, and the watchful Lunch Lady wields a mean soup ladle.   Meanwhile there is a cute boy named Peter who looks Jessie’s way during math class.  Jessie sits alone in her new school cafeteria, but gains some comfort from the tiny pink love note that her mother packs into her lunch bag.  As soon as the head bully Brittany steals her love note and bites into her tasty sandwich, Jessie knows she is in trouble!

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