CLOSED Sept. 15, 2012: “Bronte: A Portrait of Charlotte”

The Alloy Theatre Company’s off-Broadway production of “Bronte: A Portrait of Charlotte” opened on  Aug 1, 2012 at Actors Temple Theatre and closed on September 15, 2012 due to the recent pregnancy of the solo show’s star, Maxine Linehan. Written by William Luce and directed by Timothy Douglas, Bronte: A Portrait of Charlotte played 21 performances at the Actor’s Temple at the time of closing.

ABOUT THE PLAY: William Luce wrote Brontë first as a radio play for Julie Harris to perform on Masterpiece Radio Theatre, Elinor Stout directing. Entitled Currer Bell, Esquire (Charlotte’s nom de plume), this production won three broadcasting awards: The Peabody Award, Columbia University’s Armstrong Award and the Ohio State Award. Miss Harris next recorded the play for Caedmon Records, directed by Ward Botsford. With the new title of Brontë, the play’s third presentation became Irish Television’s movie version, directed by Delbert Mann and filmed on location in the moor country of County Wicklow. The film premiered in Lincoln Center, followed by Public Television presentations in North America and the UK. Brontë‘s final incarnation was Luce’s current stage version with Harris being directed by Kristoffer Tabori and subsequently by Charles Nelson Reilly. Brontë has had theater productions throughout the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, South America, Europe and Japan. [CLOSED]

CLOSED July 29, 2012: “Tin Pan Alley: The Original i Tunes”

Edmund Gaynes, in association with David Gersten presented “Tin Pan Alley (The Original iTunes)” which will officially opened at Actors Temple Theatre March 19, 2012 and closed on July 29, 2012. ( For information on future bookings please contact Gaynes Theatrical Booking )

ABOUT the PLAY: “The original iTunes, TIN PAN ALLEY is a stroll down musical memory lane, featuring classic song-and-dance tunes, a winning cast and a sunny vibe that helps make the production feel fresh. With hits that have become ingrained in our collective memory like “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” “It Had To Be You,” and “Give My Regards to Broadway,” don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing along with the cast. Filled with great songs and toe-tapping dance numbers, TIN PAN ALLEY is one street on which you’ll want to stay for an evening of musical enjoyment.”

Gene Castle and Karla Shook
Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

“…the real thrill of the evening is Castle’s choreography. It’s expert and beautifully executed. Tap dancing and marvelous moves like this don’t grow on many stages.” -Peter Filicia

Loni Ackerman, Gene Castle, Karla Shook and Brad Bradley
Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg

CLOSED May 3, 2012 : “Innocent Flesh”

INNOCENT FLESH is a haunting one-act play written by KENYETTA LETHRIDGE about teen prostitution and human trafficking in America presented by MZL LLC in association with Diana C. Zollicoffer, Michael Mann and Kenyetta Lethridge. INNOCENT FLEAH made its Off-Broadway premiere at Actors Temple Theatre on March 15, 2012 and CLOSED May 3, 2012.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Innocent Flesh is a stage play that follows the lives of four teenage girls as they experience and expose the hardship and realities of the sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking of children in America. Innocent Flesh is written in a multi-layered style that uses poetry, dance, and a modern take on the classic Greek Chorus to express the many struggles and obstacles that young girls face. Lethridge unveils the secrets of how girls from all walks of life can find themselves on the streets, their bodies being sold to men.”

“It is vital that we take notice and not turn our backs on what is ugly.”


CLOSED March 21, 2012: One Night Only! Special Performance “After Anne Frank”

After Anne Frank! One Night Only!
Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 (CLOSED)

For more information, please visit the website and Facebook page for After Anne Frank!
Show length: 90 minutes.
“a masterpiece of theatre”
“entertaining, touching and provocative”
Backstage. Critic’s Pick!
“Best Bet”

ABOUT THE PLAY: “March. 1973. Dear diary, I borrowed The Diary of Anne Frank from the library today, but I can’t bring myself to open it. And so begins 32 years of Carol Lempert ducking Anne’s legacy, but something keeps pulling her back. Again and again and again. And then that ‘something’… transformed her. Come and meet Carol’s Uncle Bill, Fran the dentist, Matilda the Star Trek fan, plus 20 other funny and wise characters who changed Carol’s life forever. And be transformed yourself.”

Closed Dec 18, 2011: “Harry & Eddie: The Birth of Israel”

 “HARRY & EDDIE: The Birth of Israel” opened off-Broadway at St. Luke’s Theatre on August 25,  2011 and moved to Actors Temple Theatre October 12, 2011. It CLOSED at Actors Temple Theatre December 18, 2011 after playing a total of 42 performances.   The play was written by Mark Weston, directed by Bob Spiotto and produced by Jessimeg Productions and  featured RICK GROSSMAN, DAN HICKS & LYDIA GLADSTONE

 Dan Hicks (as Harry S. Truman) & Rick Grossman (as Eddie Jacobson)
Photo credit: Carol Rosegg

ABOUT THE PLAY : “HARRY & EDDIE: The Birth of Israel” tells the largely-unknown story of how President Harry S. Truman’s friendship with his former business partner, Eddie Jacobson, leads to the creation of Israel in 1948. Eddie Jacobson, a Jewish haberdashery salesman, and Harry Truman initially bonded during World War I where the Missouri men were put in charge of a struggling army canteen.  The success of that venture leads to their joining forces after the war to open a haberdashery store in Kansas City, MO.  When the depression hit and their store failed, Harry went into politics and Eddie went back on the road as a traveling salesman.  In 1948, as the Zionists were struggling to convince President Truman to support the United Nation’s recognition of Israel, Eddie was asked to push their unlikely friendship to the breaking point. [CLOSED]